Sat-Nav God

I heard something the other day (it might have been Ed Dobsen speaking at Mars Hill, but I really can’t remember) that made me think – God was described in terms of sat-nav. (In my mind) I remember it going something like this:

Imagine you set out on a journey, you programme the sat-nav and head off. At some point the voice says ‘turn right’ but, because you know best, or for whatever reason, you actually turn left…

What does the sat-nav do? It says ‘Why didn’t you listen to me and do as your are told now I will punish you (or someone else) OK, so you want to go this way? Let me work out a new route for you’

You still end up at the same destination, BUT, you chose the route. And while the sat-nav knows every possible combination of routes, that in itself doesn’t make you go a certain way, nor does it remove your free-will in deciding which way you want to go.