the small details

Small details are important, although I think many people over look them. Its easy to spend hours pouring over big details, or even the small details of big things, but hours looking at the small details of small things, well, they are just small things right, so how important can they be? Planning is also… Read More »

Learning the art of the micro-adventure

Life should be an adventure right? The Wild Things love adventuring, and it doesn’t really matter whether it is trip into the unknown, or a trip to the local charity shops. Watching them play, okay, joining in with them playing, it is a real joy to see them absorbed in whatever it is they are… Read More »

The Green Circle – review

Exeter’s Green Circle is described as a twelve mile walk that provides a great walking experience within the boundaries of Exeter – from green countryside valley parks to the pavements of quiet leafy suburbs It’s made up of five sections and it’s mix of trail, track and pavement and it really is quite delightful to run.… Read More »

Craft Run Fast Shorts Review

The lovely folks at Craft have sent me some running kit to try out… The world of running clothing is littered with choice at all price points. Trying to find the right mix of quality, style and functionality can be a bit daunting. Why would you spend £20 on a pair of socks, or even… Read More »

my go to #running blogs

I’m a big fan of blogging, both reading and writing. Personally, I have found the act of writing stuff down helpful over the years (not that I am that good at it, but I am past caring too much about that!). 2014, my year of running has settling down well (of course 2015, 16, 17, etc. will also… Read More »

5 things I learnt from my 24 hour run

So, after 10 days rest from my Hope 24 run, and a gentle running restart (back up to 25-30 miles a week + 10 miles a week on the bike) I have had some time to help my extensor flexor muscles and tendons heal and mull over the event. My first major observation is that… Read More »

hope24 race report

In 2012, my running diary has 2 runs in it – a total of 9 miles. I was clearly so unwell, that I had no energy to even run – something I loved to do. In 2013 I thought, I will try harder, I ran well in January, February and March, but just had no… Read More »

almost there

With more than 1200 miles run in training, with more than enough experimenting with nutrition and with an unfathomable amount of patience and quite support from my family and friends, I am just four days away from my first 24-hour run. I have a strategy of sorts, a target number of laps, a crew, but most… Read More »

Powering through the corners

When I was young, and living in the middle of nowhere, there were only really three ways to travel. Well four if it was a Wednesday and the bus was running. You walked or ran, cycled or begged for a lift. It was no wonder then, that the day I turned 17 I had driving… Read More »