Running ambitions

At 16 I tried running. Well, I had no choice, it was part of an entrance exam for the college course I wanted to do. Somehow I made it round the 3M course within the prescribed time but I hated it. It wasn’t that I was unfit – I was cycling around 100 miles a week, boasted a resting pulse of 42, its was just running made my knees hurt.

Roll forward 10 years to the early 2000s and I tried again. For a period, I ran around 12-15 miles a week and it was ok, but I never really committed to it. Then, in 2008, shortly after my birthday, I kickstarted by running efforts one last time.

I started running proper in May 2008, and while this has had its ups and downs and fits and bursts, this year is turning into a good year! Despite the whole coeliacs thing and the enforced break that created, I am finding form and rhythm and have not experienced any significant pain / injuries. I put this down to working on a good mid foot form.

On average I am now running around 40 miles a week and have an average pace of between 8 and 9 minutes per mile. I am hoping to get this up to about 50 miles.

I ran the 2013 Great West Run this October in a time of 1:38:41 and am now planning on more events through 2014. I just need to figure out how to fit work, family, voluntary work and running together!


I love blogging but it can sometimes be hazardous to my health.  I say that in jest but in some ways it is true.   I do suffer from dyslexia, and while I read my posts over and over for clarity, hopefully making my points clear, it doesn’t always happen that way! Be patient and also please be nice if you comment!