everyone needs a little hot yellow gloss

Only a few blog posts ago, I told you about this amazing steel framed mountain bike I really, really wanted. Well, one way, and another, I have managed to become the rather proud owner of a Hot Yellow Gloss Soul 275, via the super friendly and helpful Bike Workshop in Bristol. Its actually been quite… Read More »

building up some bike fitness

For about 9 months now, following a small recovery period after the Classic Quarter, I have run a steady 40 miles or so a week, over 4 runs, but for the first time in a few years, I have no run events planned, no 24h runs, no ultras, no half marathons, and you know what?… Read More »

we need to talk about bicycles

Oh so much has changed! Wheel sizes? When I left this sport, it was pretty clear cut; anything other than 26″ was against the rules. Gears? Well, lets just say I rode the wave that saw the arrival of 15 gears, increasing to 18, and then finally to 21. I’ve been looking at the MTB… Read More »

a 22 year intermission

Twenty Two Years. Yes, 22 years. That really is a long break from doing something. From 1990-1993 I was at Bicton College, doing outdoor pursuits stuff, and well, I used to regularly slip off to ride on the common (Woodbury Common), and have many good memories of riding for pleasure, training and even racing. In… Read More »

on your bike

oh my, has it really been 6 months since I ran the classic quarter / last blogged. Damnit, its nearly 2016. Well, a lot has happened in the last 6 months, I’ve kept on running, and well, something really quite good happened. Over on Facebook, this group appeared, and I think it is quite possible… Read More »

The Hardest Day of My Life

Preamble you can skip to the actual report, or read on to find out why and how… Early June is a birthday month in this house, the Dartmoor Discovery falling on the first weekend, and the classic quarter falling on the second. One of these weekends has to have a birthday party. I have had… Read More »

Hoka One One Huaka – review

Strava tells me I’ve just reached 118 miles in my Huakas, that means its time to tell you all about them. The prompt is that a couple of days ago, I did a little coast path run, and well, my legs are feeling a little beat up today, so I wore them on the school… Read More »

what has been going on?

Its been a bit of a blogging hiatus here… I didn’t even manage a 2014 review, which was a shame, because 2014 in running terms was pretty epic. The return to running health following the long build up to the coeliacs diagnosis went well, better than I planned really. Hope 24 and 80 miles run,… Read More »

Stories and Data, an example from Suicide #BBCDataDay

On Wednesday I spoke at the BBC Data Day – a great day, but following Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt was hard! Anyway, for those interested, here is a transcript of what I said (and some of what I didn’t, because I edited it out on the fly!) BBC data day transcript