going for a morning surf

Now, I am no expert surfer, but the place we are staying this week has a couple of boards for use. This morning I picked the NSP 7″10 and legged it down to the beach. I had been given an hour’s grace to get out and ride the incoming tide. Apparently this is the season for baby jelly fish, although, some of those I surfed with seemed far from small… you know, all I could think of (not being a marine biologist like) was if this is how many ‘babies’ there are, somewhere, out there, must be king and queen jelly fish. I hoped they didn’t decide to ride my board too!

And the surfing, well, I caught a dozen or so, easy 2-3 foot waves and called it a morning, trekking back up to our beach chalet to make use of the hot, outside shower.

Holidays rock

BTW, we asked the RNLI guys what the jellyfish were called… they said they had no idea, so Leah decided they could all be called Simon. Although googling “Simon Jellyfish” is not really throwing up any clue to what kind of jelly fish they are.