almost there

With more than 1200 miles run in training, with more than enough experimenting with nutrition and with an unfathomable amount of patience and quite support from my family and friends, I am just four days away from my first 24-hour run.

I have a strategy of sorts, a target number of laps, a crew, but most importantly (I hope) the right attitude of ‘what will be, will be’.

There is still time to sponsor me, and still time to plan your weekend and come to Newnham Park to watch / laugh at / cheer for me. (don’t worry, they won’t be shooting at the weekend), and for the uninitiated, Newnham has hosted many awesome sports events, e.g.

photo 1
Here I am racing the pipeline in c1993

for the geeks / interested

Starting shoes will be a pair of Skechers GoRun Ultra that the awesome people at Skechers Performance Division UK sent me a while back

Dry max Socks, Ronhill Trail Twin shorts. The plan is not to change shoes and socks, but shorts and tops will get changed, I guess it depends what the weather is like.

Nutrition will be a combo of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem and Nakd bars, along with some other items as desired (i.e. fruit, cheese, rice cakes, sandwiches, peanut butter, crisps) and plenty of water. I am aiming for  between 200 and 300 cals an hour, about what I can process on a long run,  and around an additional 300-400ml of water on top of the liquid in the Perpetuem.

I’ll be using Ultimate direction bottles with either a SJ grip or a fastdraw grip

I’ve charged and loaded music on to an iPod nano and an iPod Shuffle.

My forerunner 310xt is ready to go and should make 18-20 hours and my old forerunner 410 is ready to pickup where the 310xt stops

So, wish me luck, plan to come, or tweet, Facebook or text me support  – I will start running at 12noon on Saturday, and err, grind to a final halt on 12noon Sunday.


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