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Papa, Papa! come quick I’ve found a slow worm

I wrote this while on holiday

I am sat, as I write this, on a sand dune. A cool North East wind is blowing off the Atlantic Ocean. The Towans stretch out before me, then the sea after that and then, the remnants of the sun sit on the horizon as the day fades into night.

Back at ‘base’ is my mobile, my E71, my macbook, my 3G+ card (not that it works here), my iPod, the television and a bunch of books. I have not used any of this stuff much, and as I sit, tucked into a pocket of shelter, high on a dune I take it all in.


Full of thoughts and reflections

It is awesome up here.

Earlier today I was summoned by my eldest ‘papa, papa! quick come here I have found a slow worm.’ I climbed to the top of the dune she was on and there, making its way lazily across the sand, I presume enjoying the morning head was a young slow worm.

In my heart the refrain repeats ‘Papa, Papa! look’