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TEDxExeter 2012

I had the privilege of being part of the TEDxExeter Team. I was the production manager. What started out as an offer to help out with the speakers slides and a bit of tech stuff soon grew. it grew to include sourcing and making stage signs – thank you Timber Cut for the MDF cutouts Buying a… Read More »

it just is

If you have children, you might recognise what I am going to describe. You get jolted out of the serenity of whatever it was you were doing to the sound of screaming. Proper, raw, screams of anguish, pain. As you leap to your feet and rush to the sounds you find a child lying there in pain,… Read More »

the journey onwards

I have not blogged so much over the last couple of weeks. So much has happened… For a start I am working on having more conversation in real time. One of those (and the emails that followed after) brought this verse to my full attention: God says “I know what I’m doing. I have it… Read More »

blogging old skool

Papa, Papa! come quick I’ve found a slow worm I wrote this while on holiday I am sat, as I write this, on a sand dune. A cool North East wind is blowing off the Atlantic Ocean. The Towans stretch out before me, then the sea after that and then, the remnants of the sun… Read More »

Unsure of your own ideas?

There is a great article here (HT my good friend @accuser) The researchers found that people are about twice as likely to select information that supports their own point of view (67 percent) as to consider an opposing idea (33 percent). Certain individuals, those with close-minded personalities, are even more reluctant to expose themselves to… Read More »