gluten free running food

Growing up in the 80s and 90s and riding my mountain bike competitively at a national and (once) international level, the practice of carbo loading was routine.

As I wrote here, I have recently been diagnosed with coeliacs disease, and  aside from all the every day dietary changes this has meant, now I am running more, I am having to seriously think and rethink how I fuel this!

A long time ago, I did practice as a nutritionalist (and a naturopath), but not for over 10 years now, so while I have some good basic knowledge (particularly around the mix of protein and carbohydrates in the diet) , it is a bit rusty.

So while I am not looking to introduce ‘huge bowls of spaghetti’ alternatives, I am beginning to think through how I restructure my diet so not rely too much on gluten free replacement food stuffs.

So a quick run around the internets is interesting – much of the focus is on people giving up gluten for performance enhancing  effects, although, there seems to be little (proper) evidence that this works, although there is plenty said about it!

So, I am going to go and do a whole load of reading, and experimenting and will report back and I guess there must be other coeliac runners who I can learn from and those who might find the stuff I post useful!