Children are not for sale

1.2 Million Children are trafficked every year

1,200,000 children

that is simply


1,200,000 children bought, sold, exploited, abused, forced to work, hope destroyed, unable to run.

unable to run

And its not just about poor and developing countries, no, it is happening everywhere.

And it has to END

Sometimes people ask why I run. The answer is complex, but part of it is “I run because others can’t”

And as part of my 2014 running challenges I have decided to run the Hope24 race in Plymouth (Its in Newnham Park, how could I resist?) and raise money for the charity Hope For Children

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Hope for Children is a great charity, and they don’t just work with child exploitation, but more generally towards a world where children’s rights are realised and they can reach their full potential. They actively identify disadvantaged children and communities by working with local partners. This means the work they do results in life long and sustained good.

So I have entered the Hope24Run and have set up a sponsors page – all I ask is that as I set about training over the next 6 months you might think about the issues of child exploitation and as a response donate to Hope for Children via my giving page. If you do this, you can be confident that this money will directly contribute to improving the lives of children and their communities. That’s not much to ask is it? Thanks.

Grace and peace





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  1. Amen T.
    I’m going to donate all the money that I have collected from the donations at the Free clinic I run at The Bethel since last year. (Last year we gave to HopeHIV so it seemed fitting to donate to Hope24 this year.) I’ve also put a little in from myself.
    God bless your running & fundraising.

  2. thanks Al for your donation and for kickstarting my fundraising in such style. Thanks also for the generosity of your donors. It is great to have your (and indirectly their) support.

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