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The Hardest Day of My Life

Preamble you can skip to the actual report, or read on to find out why and how… Early June is a birthday month in this house, the Dartmoor Discovery falling on the first weekend, and the classic quarter falling on the second. One of these weekends has to have a birthday party. I have had… Read More »

Children are not for sale

1.2 Million Children are trafficked every year 1,200,000 children that is simply WRONG 1,200,000 children bought, sold, exploited, abused, forced to work, hope destroyed, unable to run. unable to run And its not just about poor and developing countries, no, it is happening everywhere. And it has to END Sometimes people ask why I run.… Read More »

running the race

I have not performed a sports activity in front of a crowd since 1993 – around 20 years ago! I wrote a little about my history with bike in this past post, which might help set some context. Here’s an old picture of me blasting down the Pipeline at a qualifier for the UCI Grundig World… Read More »

the key is under the mat

Come on in, make yourself at home. After a bit of thinkering I have merged my two WordPress sites, making this one my main home for blogging, writing, etc. long over due, but now done. I now need to stop tinkering for a while and let things settle down. All posts below this one have… Read More »