Craft Run Fast Shorts Review

The lovely folks at Craft have sent me some running kit to try out…

The world of running clothing is littered with choice at all price points. Trying to find the right mix of quality, style and functionality can be a bit daunting. Why would you spend £20 on a pair of socks, or even £8 for that matter, when you can pick them up at Lidl for £1. I have run in Lidl socks for almost my entire running career, bar one pair of 1000 mile and more recently a couple of pairs of Drymax socks, but I digress.

My little craft bundle included some run socks, some run fast shorts and a couple of race singlets.

You might have noticed the Swedish brand CRAFT recently, this is because they are are big into cycle clothing and sponsor the ORICA-GreenEDGE team. CRAFT are a pioneer of functional apparel for serious athletes. Since 1977 CRAFT has devoted itself to developing innovative clothing built to withstand extreme requirements in all conditions. CRAFT works closely with its many sponsored athletes and national teams, and focuses on designing the highest performance gear. AND this is a good thing.

The Run Fast Shorts:

How hard can it be to get a pair of shorts right? The short answer is, VERY. Mostly I run in some Ronhill ones, square cut I think. And, they are fine for what they are, short distance runs. Not so long ago I bought a pair of Ronhill Trail Twin shorts and I love, love, love them. They have been perfect for my longer runs. My only downside is I wish I bought the cargo version. So when Craft offered up the opportunity to test some of their shorts, I was keen to try out some with an inner short, rather than an inner brief. I’m finding that an inner brief is ok for long runs, but things could be better, hence going for more of a boxer liner.

The Run Fast shorts are proving to be pretty damn good, and there are only a couple of things that I think could be better!


They boast an

  • Ergonomic fit for freedom of movement
  • Lightweight, soft woven fabric with mechanical stretch
  • Inner tights for optimal support
  • Reflective details for enhanced visibility
  • Key pocket with zipper
  • Inseam: 14 cm/5”

What I love

The inner tight is just that – tight, but not in an overly uncomfortable way. Very supportive, and very comfortable. Zero chaffing issues.

The outer short is lightweight and moves freely over the inner short

The length is perfect for me – I’m not really a short shorts kind of person!

Things I think could be a little better

Pocket zip could just be 1-2 cm longer. OK, reading the specs I know its a key pocket, but I am still going to try and get my phone in there. And maybe a gel, and yes, maybe a key. It seems I need shorts with more pockets, so I am keen to try the Craft Hybrid 2:1 shorts (which I assume are almost identical, plus pockets, plus a bit more length, so perfect for trail running)

Making the zip opening just a little bit longer would make it so much easier to get my phone in and out (and anything else for that matter)

They might be a bit on the warm side for summer runs, but for spring / autumn they will be perfect.

I have worn them on a number of runs now, and they are fast becoming my favourite pair of shorts. They function well on the trails and roads

Some more pictures

my blurry legs


pop on your sunglasses


I have never been able to quite figure out how shorts are measured and what this equates to on my legs, but as you can see, the 5″ finishes about half way down my thigh.

SO, if you are in the market for new running kit, the check out CRAFT.  Their high quality clothing, that is functional, looks great, and is a viable alternative to all the other players out there. And I for one am going to be buying some more of their kit int he future