I am at work today

I am at work today.

While I kind of get the reason behind a day of action, I do struggle with it in a much wider context.

So to those who are standing up for themselves, all credit to you.

I am just grateful that neither I nor my children are forced to work for less than a $1 a day, providing cheap goods, clothing, or whatever for the western world.

In 2011, it is reported that the average net household income (after tax) in the UK stood at £38,547.00. That is a lot.

I am grateful I live in a country where life expectancy is around 80 years of age, unlike some countries where I would be lucky to live past 45.

This morning as I listen to the radio and made a cup of tea, I rejoiced that I didn’t to walk 3 miles for a jerry can of dirty brown water, that I don’t live in fear of my children being sold as sex slaves or becoming child soliders. I could go on, but basically, what I am saying is I think I have it pretty good.

So, what if I do have to work a few more years, for a little less pension; the things I have in life, and take for granted, need to be paid* for some how.

All I ask, is that whatever choice you make, today and everyday, in a quest for justice, that you make sure those who need it most are not neglected.

grace and peace


*I accept that the banks have a lot to answer for and this really should be addressed.

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