hello 2012

So, dragging myself out of the last two weeks of sickness, I thought it would be fun to think a little about what I might want to achieve in 2012. Not in a new years resolutions kinda way, but more just a things I would like to do way.

1. learn to ride a longboard (of the skate variety (any donations of lessons, advice, boards to use will be gratefully received)).

meanwhile I will keep watching stuff like this to see what tips I can pick up

2. Maybe do a 365 photo thing, like my friend Benjamin.

safe, old electricity works

Actually, a 52 photo thing might be more manageable!

3. Make some more films. Perhaps the ones I thought I would do in 2011 would be a good place to start

4. Blog a little more, both here and there

5. Dust off my running shoes and get back on the road. 2011 saw me run 590KM. I would like to do more than that this year.

6. Do some other things, and when I have worked out what they might be, I might post them up here.