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the key is under the mat

Come on in, make yourself at home. After a bit of thinkering I have merged my two WordPress sites, making this one my main home for blogging, writing, etc. long over due, but now done. I now need to stop tinkering for a while and let things settle down. All posts below this one have… Read More »

a very long time ago

and probably to fill time while waiting for something or other with Bethan, I invented “Michael and Rupert Stories”. Michael, a giraffe and Rupert, a mouse, lived on the edge of the Savannah planes in the middle of Africa. Their home is in the ZiglarZiglar woods. ZiglarZiglar trees have a magic property that enable Michael… Read More »

Mid year review

Back in January I blogged about a few thing I would like to do in 2012.  Well, now seems like a good time to post an update, so here goes (but not necessarily in the same order as the first post) 1. The photo project. OK, this one is not going too well, I am… Read More »

The Albion and other stories

I grew up riding bikes, doing some crazy things as well. I remember the time age 11 or 12 (and indeed, I still have the scars) when I snapped the handle bars clean off my Raleigh Striker in a ‘who can get the biggest air of a caravan levelling ramp’ competition. At 15 or so,… Read More »

TEDxExeter 2012

I had the privilege of being part of the TEDxExeter Team. I was the production manager. What started out as an offer to help out with the speakers slides and a bit of tech stuff soon grew. it grew to include sourcing and making stage signs – thank you Timber Cut for the MDF cutouts Buying a… Read More »