2012 in (p)review (of 2013)

2012 has been a bit of a year. I feel like have been plagued by coughs and colds for most of it, probably not true.

Lots has happened, and I am glad it has.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Parkology collective and lent (and advent)
We are blogging over here, and our community continues to grow. I am looking forward to all the exciting things 2013 will bring. It is great and a privilege to be part of this emerging community.

It was a pleasure to be involved in this event as production manager. The 2013 event is promising to be even better.

setting up TEDxExeter from Tobit Emmens on Vimeo.

A beautiful wife that sews amazing things
Mary is amazing. It is a privilege to be her husband. She is so generous with her time and skill. I write this thinking particularly of the quilts she made for the charity Siblings together

Friends that are still alive
Working in mental health can be hard at times. I see a side of life I never hope to experience first hand. There are few perks in the NHS, but being able to visit friends when they are admitted post suicide counts as one of them. I realise it is now 18 months since I wrote this post in response to a friends crisis, but it is still as relevant now as it was then. I am glad that my work allows me to see things the way others might, and that I can use this to help make a bit of the NHS better.

Going to Greenbelt
It rained, but we had a lot of fun, we led a creative worship session in the shadow of the Tote using chalk…

the girls and friends drummed

and now I look forward to going back in 2013 for #GB40

Discovering Listener
Listener have turned out to be my must listen to band this year, and I eagerly await a new album

Listener – Good News First (To Numb The Pain) : Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.

There is something about the way they craft stories into poems and add spoken word to music that is simply amazing.

Learning to longboard
Geekdad called up Comet Longboards and Comet sent longboards, and I have acquired cuts and bruises, but have had oh so much fun. I just wish it would rain less so I could get out more!


Making prize winning films
A while back now, I made a short film with two friends – called always hope

always hope from Tobit Emmens on Vimeo.

It won a prize and you can watch my acceptance film here!

So there you go, a snapshot of my 2012, and some insight to what I am hoping and working for in 2013

grace and peace