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(first apologies for neglecting this blog for so long, there is much to say, but that will have to wait.)

The last couple of years have been up and down in terms of my health, but yesterday I had some kind of resolution.

the up shot is I shall go on to live a long and prosperous life (or there abouts) once I have made some major dietary changes.

You see, I was told, on my birthday, that I have coeliac’s disease (and while I might need a couple more tests to confirm, it looks certain).

In my cursory reading on the internet one thing jumps out, people with coeliac’s call themselves ‘coeliacs’. Well, I refuse this defining of who I am. I am Tobit, and now I am also a person with coeliac’s.

The hardest thing thing about this will be giving up bread. My love for bread has been nurtured over the last 35 years… and while the next few days and weeks will help me gain perspective, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness that I can no longer eat bread.

Memories of San Francisco sour dough loaves will be just that. Memories.


Apparently, there are loads of people with coeliac’s, so if you are, or know someone, feel free to add your advice or help me filter the internet please!

grace and peace


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  1. It’s not so bad Tobit. Kate manages very well and if you are prepared to experiment and lose the off bit of flour, you can make some pretty tasty bread with gluten free flour or even wheat, barley, oats & rye free flours (doves farm do a pretty extensive range.)
    Give us a shout via any means if you want some tips and guidance. We are old hands at this now.
    Grace & Peace
    God bless

  2. Actually, Tobit, i think you will find that you will feel so much better not eating wheat. i am not coeliac, but since January I decided to start changing my diet and the first thing that went out the window was bread, then everything made with wheat. I don’t miss bread made with wheat at all, and have learned to enjoy finding really much healthier alternatives. You can get gluten free bread on prescription, and I have made really quite delicious crepes and quiche made with gluten free flour. There is so much out there, and actually, going wheat free is probably good for the planet too.

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