Skechers GoBionic 75 miles review

Checking through September running stats I see I have run about 75 miles in my £35 Skechers GoBionic shoes.

While these are an old shoe (2011 or 12 I guess), there are still a few places selling them at great prices, so it is probably worth talking about them.

The Skinny: A great shoe, that is comfortable, flexible, light. The zero drop is great for a mid-foot form, but the 12mm of cushion is just about the right balance for comfort vs. proprioception.

Downsides: in heavy rain, I found myself wishing they shed water better (I guess probably the same on most shoes).

A little more detail

I am not going to go into too much detail, as others have done that well, but some key highlights for me include:

  • Fit: the toe box is really generous – I have run in Inov 8 shoes for a while, and have been sizing as an UK8 (I am UK7 for non running shoes). I am wearing a UK7.5 in the Skechers. This had something to do with availability, so I was a little tentative, but had no need to worry. The extra room in the toe box means my feet have room to spread a little more. I like this.
  • Comfort: I have run 75 miles, in socks, and have not experienced any major discomfort. I had one small blister on their first 14 mile outing (while wearing 1000mile socks no less) but that has not persisted on subsequent runs. So far,  my longest run is 17miles. I have used them on shorter runs 6M/8M, although they feel quick and comfortable, they are probably a little soft for my liking over that distance.
  • Tongue: This is super soft, and so very comfortable.



Still drying after yesterday’s thunder-and-lightning run. Check out my Runners Shoe ID – I assume you all use something like this when you go out running?


Interesting. I don’t have perfect form?

I am pretty sure I am not scuffing and not heal striking, but that is an interesting wear pattern. I think as I have transitioned to midfoot strike, and landing on the outside edge of foot, my heal must still be hitting the ground a little. Time to head over to the treadmill with a camera to see what I am actually doing.


Although, clearly on this shot, there is plenty of evidence of a good midfoot strike pattern.

While the soles look like they are wearing fast, I reckon they will be fine for another 200-400 miles.

So, all in all, I am really pleased with these shoes, and having never thought Skechers made decent running shoes, it has been a revelation to not only discover they do, but more than that, they are good! I guess that pretty soon, the GoBionic Ride (which is a 4mm / 0mm drop depending if the sock liner is in or not) will start to be discounted more heavily. They might be worth trying. However, in the meantime, I am going to see if I can find some more cash to stock pile a couple more pairs of the non Ride variety.