getting quicker

Last night, in the driving rain, I managed 4 miles at a sub 7:30 pace (or there abouts), and went on to do a further 6 at around an 8 minute pace (full details on Strava…).

I have to say that this was a good run. the drop in pace was basically turning into an evil headwind, and taking a mile to get my coat back on. Bloody zip. I should have just stopped and done it, that way it would have taken 10 seconds.

Here is a picture from Strava. It would be nice if I could flatten out that pace line a little.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 08.41.21

So I have started to use Strava, just to see what it can tell me. I was pretty skeptical, and it still seems to favour riders over runners, but it is quite good to see “prizes” being dished out – last night earned me  14 trophies / personal records, based on the data I have uploaded so far.

This means I am now using, Garmin Training Center, from where I import data into my all time favourite package Trail Runner X (where I now have 1834 miles logged) and now also into Strava. That might be a little over the top…

My Inov 8 233s held up quite well in the rain and didn’t feel as boggy as the Skechers, but still, by the end they were sodden and my socks were holding a lot of water, (as was my coat). Some of the puddles were ankle deep, so it is not really surprising. By the way, whatever it is they put on the bottoms of their shoes… I want it on all my shoes. Their sticky compound is stunningly good. I never worried once about slipping.

September summary

I ran 163 miles (against 93 in August and 65 in July) While this increase looks a lot, there have been a few double run days in there, and week on week has not really been more than a 10% increase.

Average pace, broadly speaking, has dropped from 9 minute miles to 8 minute miles.

October plans

The aim is to maintain around 40-50 miles a week. With a half marathon, the Great West Run (cheer for me if you are local! Sponsor me if you are not (or sponsor me anyway please!)) in the middle.

To see if I can get my average pace down to 7:45 a mile. And, post half marathon, to get some decent 20+ mile weekend long runs in.

Rethink my autumn / winter running wardrobe. I/my kit needs better water proofing!