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hope24 race report

In 2012, my running diary has 2 runs in it – a total of 9 miles. I was clearly so unwell, that I had no energy to even run – something I loved to do. In 2013 I thought, I will try harder, I ran well in January, February and March, but just had no… Read More »

shoe lust list

The world is awash with running shoes, but I thought I would write a list of minimal or zero drop shoes I would really like to own. I have recently discovered that owning two pairs of running shoes is actually really good – different shoes for different runs. Plus, when yesterdays shoes are still soaked,… Read More »

getting quicker

Last night, in the driving rain, I managed 4 miles at a sub 7:30 pace (or there abouts), and went on to do a further 6 at around an 8 minute pace (full details on Strava…). I have to say that this was a good run. the drop in pace was basically turning into an… Read More »