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The world is awash with running shoes, but I thought I would write a list of minimal or zero drop shoes I would really like to own.

I have recently discovered that owning two pairs of running shoes is actually really good – different shoes for different runs. Plus, when yesterdays shoes are still soaked, I can still run in dry shoes. How novel is that?

Anyway here goes, and these are in no particular order, but starting with road shoes

For Short fast runs, and seeing as I am an Inov 8 fan, the Inov 8 Road x treme 178 (Pictured) and / or 138 would be just fine

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 15.52.32

as would the Merrell Bare Access 2 (I hear there is a 3 just out though…)

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 15.54.42


and For those longer runs I think the ¬†Altra Torrin’s (Pictured) or Instinct 1.5 would be just the ticket. Again, the Altra 2014 range is looking impressive. May be one day their shoes will be available in the UK.



Ideally, I would own all of these, matching shoe to run perfectly every time!

Right, now on to trail shoes – this is harder…

  • I don’t live that close (i.e. running / walking distance) to any good trails, but there are plenty in Devon, so I would need deal with having to drive to somewhere to go on a run, something I just can’t quite get my head around.
  • The weather here is almost always wet, but sometimes it is sunny and dry
  • Much of the famed coast path is grass and track
  • Haldon Forest is not actually that far away (in the dry, Haldon reminds me of a typical American technical trail – dry, dusty, rocky; in the wet though, well those rocks must be very slippery!)
  • We do have Dartmoor though…

From Inov 8

the X Talon 190 would be great for most stuff

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 16.03.36


and for Drier days (trails or weather!)

the Trailroc 235 should do the job

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 16.04.38


The of course, for longer runs we are back to Altra and the Lone Peak

what an awesome shoe



So, I  usually size between a UK7.5 or 8, so if anyone fancies buying me a pair or two, please do!

I might also compile an ‘other’ kit wish list – I would like a bigger pack than my CamelBak classic – Nathan Sports pack look great, and have good reviews, but there is something about OMM packs that appeal, a decent water proof, and some Injini socks.

To buy any of these I think I really need to find a wad of cash, or a rich benefactor. In reality, I don’t really need them*, I just need to keep running! One of my other interests, film making, is full of people chasing the next bit of kit, as if it will magically make them a better cinematographer, when actually what would make them better is getting out and making films. I think this is a very valid point and extends to most other hobbies / interests – talking and dreaming does not make you better at it – doing it does.

*Don’t let that stop you though! If you want to buy me shoes, please do!


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