I need some trail shoes

The title says it all!

Back along I wrote about my shoe lust list, and as training for Hope24 kicks into gear and I run more trails I am trying to narrow down my choices for ultra distance training and racing shoes.

I have been refining that list a little – based on the last few months of running.

It is quite hard to figure out which ones, the basic criteria are simple

  • min 18mm cushion,
  • not too firm
  • 6mm or less drop
  • good value (this generally rules out Salamon!)
  • durable (ideally good for at least 500 miles!)

The Altra Lone Peak stays, as it is a great looking shoe and I hear and read great reports about it…



But, with a bit of rethinking the list now looks like this

  • Skechers GoRun Ultra
  • Altra Lone Peak
  • Pearl Izumi Trail N1 or maybe the N2 (hard to find I’m my size, not sure about 2014 line yet)
  • Salamon Sense Mantra

These are sort of in the order of preference.

The Skecher GoRun Ultra


By all accounts, this is also a great shoe. Pete Larson over at RunBlogger endorses it and Robert Youngren helped with the design, but offers up a really honest review of the shoe. I am a fan of Skechers Performance shoes, the GoBionic is my regular run shoe at the moment, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any others in the Performance line up.

So, here’s my list, does anyone have any other suggestions, just to confuse me a little more?