2018 in (p)review (of 2019)

My 2018 top three…

3. First overseas family holiday to Milan / Lake Como

Lake Como was stunningly beautiful, and a wonderful place to hangout by for just over a week. Fresh water swimming (more of that in a minute), mountain running, and good gluten free gelato.

the summit of Monte Grona, 1736m

2. Running the Welsh 3000s

This run in June was a fantastic. In fact, it is probably the best day’s running I ever had. Crib Goch at dawn was incredible, the huge climbs, variety of terrain, and great support from Climb South West made it a day that I’ll not forget.

three points of contact, three points of contact, three points of contact

1. The Boy gets published

This is undoubtedly my number one highlight of 2018. What started out as a pencil sketch after a day diving and swimming, and a subsequent email to Sidetracked Magazine by Mathias, resulted in a commission and published article in their Field Journal.

And on to 2019…

Without doubt, 2019 is going to be a full and busy year. The summer holiday is already booked, plans are being made, but there is one thing never far from my mind.

9am on June 22nd, I get to run, walk and crawl the full Jurassic coast. 100 glorious miles, Poole to Exmouth. Wish me luck!